Chumsy and Shecomms will be predicting every premier league game this season.

Both are very passionate about football and have been Arsenal fans for over 20 years going through the good and difficult times. “There’s no better club than Arsenal,” says Shecomms, “it’s where I want to be.”

Chumsy also insists he would rather sit at home than jump ship. “I grew up loving Real Madrid and Milan AC but since I started supporting Arsenal (at a young age too) it’s been about the Gunners. It may not be okay today, but we’ll be great again. It’s funny when rival fans laugh at us or question if we have what it takes to be at the top. Although it doesn’t look like we’re there yet, I know we are close”

Our guest for gameweek 13 is Midasnonso who has this to say, “1998, I watched Arsenal play Chelsea and I told myself that the winner of the match becomes my team. I think that was it. Then the Kanu factor some months back gave me some sense of strong loyal support. I was a Kanu fan then.” His best Arsenal moment was the match against Real Madrid in UCL 2006 while his worst Arsenal moment was the Manchester United humiliation of Arsenal. That 8 – 2 scoreline.

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Arsenal 2:0 Newcastle
Arsenal are coming from a defeat this week following a great form. They will try to find their foot again and them being at home really helps

Palace 2:1 Villa
Palace are strictly the favorite to win this match. They have a good form and home advantage going for them.

Liverpool 4::0 Southampton
I see Southampton trying to put up a fight but I believe the winner will ultimately be that of Liverpool

Norwich 0:1Wolves
This is going to be a hard match as both teams are really trying to prove something right now.

Brighton 1:0 Leed
Both teams haven’t been great in recent weeks but I expect Brighton to use their home advantage to edge their opponent.

Brentford 0:1 Everton
Woeful performance from both teams in the last five matches. I give Brentford the win

Burnley 1:2 Tottenham
Though Burnley have been trying to get their standing right, I believe Tottenham will take this win.

Leicester 2:0 WAT
An interesting match this is going to be as both teams will really come for the win. I give Leicester the win

Mancity 3:1 Westham
This is going to be a difficult fixture for City as Westham is a very good team. But I reckon City will have too much firepower for the Londoners

Chelsea 3:1 ManUnited
I don’t have much to say about this because I don’t see Chelsea losing this match


Arsenal 3 – Newcastle 1

This early kickoff fixture will be an easy one for the North London side, Arsenal. Coming from a humiliating defeat at the hands of “title contenders” and high-powering Liverpool, the team that many has applauded for going 8 games without a loss hopes to bounce back to an easy win.

Crystal Palace 2 – Aston Villa 2

A rejuvenated Villa side, much thanks to the presence of their new gaffer that led his now-former club, Rangers of Scotland to a league title without losing a single game will help extend the confidence of the lads to dragging for a hard-biting drag game. Not forgetting the recent firepower of Belgian, Christain Benteke, this encounter promises to be a very tough one but both teams should settle for a draw.

Liverpool 5 – Southampton 1

Although football is not predictable, Liverpool winning this encounter is almost a done deal. This is coming from the team that has not dropped a point in the UCL and also coming from a thrashing of the “8-game” unbeaten Arsenal team.

Norwich 1 – Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

Relegation-threatened Norwich won’t see past this. Their recently discovered form of winning doe the first time back to back in the league is not enough for them to win this Wolves side that was stubborn enough to stop the Hammers. I see Wolves taking the day but it won’t be an easy encounter

Brighton 1 – Leeds United 1

This match could none another side, they both are a decent playing and disciplined side. It won’t be easy for either team to create a spoil, but I see a draw at the end of the day.

Brentford 1 – Everton 3

Everton has lost their fire powers on their last games. They started well this season but things seem to be shaky for Rafaeal Benitez’s side. They have picked only 1 point in their last 5 games and I feel a trip to West London would end victorious.

Burnley 2 – Tottenham 2

Antonio Conte, Tottenham’s new manager hasn’t had a convincing victory since he took charger is the North London side. It’s either a slim victory like they had in their last game against Leeds or a loss to a relatively unknown Slovenia side “Mura” in the Europa Conference league. The game with Burnley according to football fanatics will better tell how much charge Conte has with the team as sports pundits feel he’s still experimenting with the players available.

Leicester 3 – Watford 0

Brendan Rodgers’s side came from a disappointing EPL game to voice with a convincing win in their UEL game during the week. Their top scorer, P Daka was on aung as he put one plus their back to fitness Nigerian DM, Ndidi Wilfred, who headed an easy goal to help their team to a 3 – 1 victory. Coming to the league, against a Watford side, it will be an easy win for the Leicester team.

Manchester City 2 – Westham 2

This game will be the cracker of the weekend as a free playing side “Manchester City”, meets the most “stubborn” team, Westham Utd. It won’t be an easy game for the Citizens.

Chelsea 0 – Manchester United 1

For pride, for their new coach, and for some weird feeling I have, I see Manchester United stealing a slim 0-1 victory against the “best” team in Europe, Chelsea.


A correct result (picking a win, draw, or defeat) is worth 10 points. The exact score earns 30 points.


Fixtures Result Chumsy Shecomms Midasnonso
Arsenal vs. Newcastle 2 – 0 N/A 2 – 0 3 – 1
Crystal Place vs. Aston Villa 1 – 2 N/A 2 – 1 2 – 2
Liverpool vs. Southampton 4 – 0 N/A 4 – 0 5 – 1
Norwich vs. Wolves 0 – 0 N/A 0 – 1 1 – 2
Brighton vs. Leeds 0 – 0 N/A 1 – 0 1 – 1
Brentford vs. Everton 1 – 0 N/A 0 – 1 1 – 3
Burnley vs. Spurs Void N/A 1 – 2 2 – 2
Leicester vs. Watford 4 – 2 N/A 2 – 0 3 – 0
Man City vs. West Ham 2 – 1 N/A 3 – 1 2 – 2
Chelsea vs. Man Utd 1 – 1 N/A 3 – 1 0 – 1


Again, Shecomms is the man to beat. In GW 13, scored 80 points from 2 correct scores and 2 correct results.

Midasnonso had 40 points from 4 correct results.

Score Standings after gameweek 13

1. Somtee 90

2. Uche Chukwu, Fodell 80

4. Shecomms (Average score) 71.8

5. Joe 70

6. Chumsy (Average score) 65

7. TrQDaddy 50

8. King Kachii, Leon, SaintyJones, Midasnonso 40

12. Arsenic 30