This corner will focus on Good Health and Fitness. We will keep it simple, informal, short, and let our health do the talking.

If you are reading this, be sure to know you will become addicted to this corner. Hold up! this is certainly not crack, clear that your bad mind. But you must have heard the popular parlance “health is wealth”, who even came up with that saying sef? Well, what other kinds of addiction would you rather pray for? Did I hear you say bank alert…oya come off it.

In recent times, healthy living has been one of the biggest topics on so many fora; and if we needed a reminder of the importance of good health, then COVID-19 was that reminder. According to MedicineNet, healthy living to most people implies the good functioning and balance of both our physical and mental health. These two aspects of human health are closely linked that a change in one, whether good or bad, affects the other. Our physical and mental health also not only affects us but the people around us. So we owe both ourselves and the people around us a responsibility to maintain a healthy life.

As the first part of this series, we will focus on healthy eating. This concerns our diet and nutrition. Life is nothing without food; at least so I believe. Every human, from infants to adults needs food daily to satisfy our nutritional needs. For some, eating is even a hobby. I mean if you are an African, it is hard for eating not to be your hobby; have you seen the variety of food we have?? Mehn!  But aunty we need to be calming down with any kind of food consumption. YOLO has a deeper meaning with healthy living.  So here are some basic tips to maintain a healthy diet and nutrition:



1.Eat three healthy meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner; or morning, afternoon, and night food), as much as you can afford; and be calming down with that night food ehn…nobody dey fight you for dream, if you continue, you go just dey round.


2. Eat small portions of food to satisfy your hunger alone, after that, please stop eating.

3. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grain (e.g wheat, oats, and maize), fat-free or low-fat milk products.

4. If you love beans like me, then you’re doing well. So is fish, poultry food (chicken and turkey), eggs and nuts.

5. Reduce intake of food high in fat and cholesterol, high salt concentration and added sugar. One tip here is to always check the label of whatever you consume to know high they are in all the above.

6. Avoid sodas and sugar enhanced drinks. You see that diet Coke or Pepsi, biko avoid it; they are no different as they contain almost the same amount of sugar content.

7. Drink very plenty of water. In a day, 3.7 litres and 2.7 litres should be the target for men and women respectively.

8. For kids, avoid rewarding them with too much food or sugary snacks, this may become a lifelong unhealthy pattern.

9. If you feel angry, instead of eating on impulse, talk to a friend, drink water or listen to music.

10. If you like there is more, please add it in the comment section.

These tips are very helpful if we try to practice them, but then there is a need for physical health which the next part of this series will focus on. See you in a bit,

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Lucky Chima – The Healthy Lawyer.